About GDL

About GDL 

Graduated Driver Licence System (GDL)

Find out what the graduated driving licensing measures are, why they have been designated and who they will affect.

What is the Graduated Driver Licensing system?

Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) is a programme of staged licencing, with privileges gained over time, that aims to increase road safety by providing new drivers the opportunity to gain driving experience, skills and maturity. The GDL system covers a range of measures that apply to learner drivers and to novice drivers for a period of two years after passing a driving test.

Under the GDL system, learner drivers must always be accompanied by a fully qualified driver (not a novice).

The RSA has studied the effectiveness of graduated driving licensing systems internationally, and found that GDL programmes result in an increase in driving skills and a significant decrease in fatal accidents.

The GDL programme in Ireland includes the mandatory requirement for learner drivers to take a series of lessons, Initial Basic Training (IBT) for learners taking out motorcycle permits and Essential Driver Training (EDT) for learners taking out car permits.

Under the GDL programme, in the first two years of holding their full licence, individuals will be classed as ‘novice drivers’.