Driving test waiting times

Driving test waiting times

Driving test waiting times

How long do I have to wait?

We aim to have a national average waiting time for a driving test of no longer than 10 weeks. Our ability to meet this target depends on the number of applications received. Accordingly, the average waiting time in driving test centres may vary above or below this 10-week target. The current average waiting time for a Category B (car/light van) driving test, per test centre, is based on the waiting times of applicants who had a test appointment during the last 4 weeks. Please note: The average waiting time is an average of current waiting times for applicants at each Test Centre. Applicants will have waiting times both longer and shorter than the average. The longest waiting time per Test Centre is also shown in the table. 

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Weather disruptions

From time to time we experience some disruption to our driving tests due to adverse weather conditions. Please click here to see any updates in relation to disruptions to driving tests.

When will I receive a test date?

You will receive notification of your test date 5 weeks in advance of the test appointment date. When applying you should state your unavailable dates and you will not be scheduled during that time. If you require a test date during a specific time period beyond the normal waiting time please note on your application that you are unavailable until that date

Short notice test

As a result of the current high demand for driving tests, it may not always be possible to accommodate applicants who have requested the short notice option. If you have selected this option, we will be in contact with you as soon as an appointment becomes available. If you wish to be placed on the short notice list, you may be given less than 10 days’ notice of your test appointment. Please do not request to be put on the short notice list unless you are certain you will be available to take a test appointment at short notice. When applying for your test, please indicate your preference to be placed on the short notice list and you will be issued with a test appointment as soon as one becomes available for you.

As a result of Covid restrictions, given the demand for driving tests and in the interests of fairness, for the foreseeable future we are prioritising customers in order of application date as well as applications from essential workers. We are working to meet the requirements of our customers and to this end we only have a short notice facility available to us on a limited basis.